Peter Sherman was born in London and has been living the last 50 years in Sweden. Peter works as a painter, choreographer, and photographer, often concurrently. In contemporary dance, he tries to capture movement before and after rather than as a static representation. At an early stage he started working with choreographers in the US and let his paintings emanate from films they and others had produced.
For the last ten years he films the dancers himself. By mixing several video frames he looks for shadows as well as movements which can be transformed into a painting, a drawing or a photograph”.
Although an autodidact when it comes to choreography, he has received a lot of credit for his work by the profession. Another rather late discovery is performance art which also contains a lot of movement. Peter films as well as photographs dancers performing the works he has choreographed. A rather unusual aspect of this is choreographed poetry.

Contact +4673 679 2147
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