Peter Sherman

Peter Sherman                             Painter

Coco in This is Just to Say Oil and Acrylic on linen

Look at my gallery of some of my recent paintings. I am continually updating this space so keep on looking for my latest paintings.

The gallery shows different catagories of paintings from portraits to landscapes

Coco in The Bronx studio Acrylic on linen

Val and Jenny at the BAC Feb 2011

Acrylic on canvas

Ben and the Pillows 

Acrylic on canvas

Finding form in short moments of movement in unusual situations or people in motion is a main theme in my work.

The symbolism expressed in dance is captured in many of my paintings. My compositions are usually figurative in acrylic or oil and sometimes a combination of the two.

I am fascinated by the play of light and express this quite often by using a few colours and scene lighting effects to highlight the strength and serenity of the dancers’ bodies.

I was born in London 1947 and now live in Vallentuna Sweden just north of Stockholm.

Exhibitions 2014               

Nantes France February 21 - 23  

  Aix en Provence  May 1 - 5

Milan Italy March 6 - 9                                

Naples Italy (solo)

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